That is very interesting thing, that lot of people think, that they can focus on more than one thing at one time. There is only 2% of peoples population that can do that. When somebody is thinking about himself that he/she is able to do that, that’s only fact that this person can only switch betweent tasks quickly. Anyway what is on my mind, i am fighting all my life with focusing on just one thing.

Tohle je velmi zajimava vec, hodne lidi si mysli, ze se mohou soustredit na vice veci najednou. Na svete je pouze 2% lidske populace ktera to dokaze. Pokud si nekdo mysli, ze prave on je tim kdo to umi, pak je to ve skutecnosti spis fakt, ze muze prepinat svoje soustredeni mezi ruznymi myslenkami rychleji. Kazdopadne to co me trapi je, ze se cely muj zivot snazim soustredit na jednu vec. Moc mi to nejde, kazdopadne 🙂

Watch this short video from Wall Street Journal
Podivejte se na tohle kratke video z Wall Street Journalu 

Understanding the 'Cocktail Party Effect'








ENG Now i am trying to fugure out how to decrease accounts like emails, social media sites, instant messengers.. etc.
CZ Prave ted se snazim prijit na to, jak snizit pocet emailovych adres, socialnich uctu, instant messengeru apod.


I have for each company and of course a store emails like
Pro kazdou firmu a samozrejme kamenny obchod mam takoveto emaily

First @info is always like personal or for director.. Second @obchod is for customers and employees
Some of emails it comes just because of service that is allowed to connect with other accounts ( like @gmail with iTunes )..

#1st company domain ( also store ).
info@ , obchod@ ,
#2st company domain ( also store )
info@ , obchod@ ,
#3st company domain
moscow@, partner@, @gmail
4# personal emails
@hotmail, @gmail, @seznam (2x)

So totally its  more than 11 email accounts.. And trust me, incoming spam is sometimes very frustrating.
Takze celkem je to vice nez 11 emailovych uctu ( nektere jsem neuvedl ). A verte mi ze prichozi spam je nekdy velmi otravny.

Instant messengers that i have, i must have because of nationality, some of them are not used at other countries or they are blocked on internet..
Messengery ktere mam, musim mit kvuli narodnostem, nektere z nich totiz nefunguji v jine zemi a nektere jsou primo blokovane.

ICQ ( not using at all )
SKYPE ( frequently used )
QQ ( frequently used )
MSN ( not used at all )

I am thinking about deleting icq and msn that nobody contacts me here except my family which can use other they also have.
Premyslim o tom ze smazu icq a msn, protoze si s nikym nepisu krome sve rodiny, ktera muze pouzivat jine ktere take maji.

Social Networks
Thats my personal + same number of FAN business pages of my companies… = pretty much social 😉


I am not even talking about numbers of icons, applications and lot of others on my Mac.. I am trying always delete everithing, but i am interested in so many things, that i have many of bookmarks and i do not have a time to read them. I am reading three books at same time and that’s also not good. I am trying to fix everything now and rest just delete. Neverthless how is that possible, when i need them all right ? 🙂 .. I will not throw away that… I am sure that you well know it from your home.

No ani nemluvim o poctu ikonek, programu a vseho mozneho na svem Macu.. Snazim se vse mazat, ale zajima mne tolik veci, ze mam plno bookmarku a nemam cas se na ne vsechny podivat. Ctu tri knizky na raz a taky to neni dobre. Snazim se ted vse postupne dat doporadku a ostatni proste smazat.. Nicmene jak je to vsechno mozne, kdyz to potrebuju ze :)) prece to nevyhodim… urcite to znate z domova moc dobre! 

and many forum accounts…
So how do i solve this ??? I DO NOT HAVE IDEA.. But it is simple.. delete them, forward unused to one account etc.
Takze jak to udelam ??? NEMAM VUBEC PONETI.. Ale je to jednoduche.. vymazat je, presmerovat nevyuzivane ucty na jeden ktery pouzivam.

If you have any idea how to do it, please leave me a reply, i will really appreciate that 🙂
Pokud mate nekdo nejaky napad jak to udelat, nechte mi zpravu, ocenim to a take se o tom podelim 🙂

p.s. Some email accounts i am holding because in past, i have registered some domains, logins etc.. which i can not remember all of them 🙂
p.s. Nektere emailove ucty si ponechavam jen proto, ze jsem v minulosti na ne registroval domeny, nejake pristupy na stranky atd.. ale vsechny si je nepamatuju 🙂