I really have to share that videos. I like every Apple product. That factories are exactly same as i have seen in Shenzhen. The interesting part is that, where 3000 Chinese people came to a hiring process. Also the amount of hourly  wage ( around $2 USD per hour ) is really low. If you can imagine how much the devices costs, of course there is a long way to get experiences, awesome design etc. but really 2usd/hour ? It’s sad. Anyway in China there is such a life. And they can live a little bit better now, because of Apple.

Really, check out these videos…


Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made

Apple Chinese Factory Foxconn Nightline FULL 15 MIN VIDEO




  1. Matej Pilát says:

    cool videa. I ked na cinske pomery mi pride 14 dolarov dost v pohode, myslim, ze je to tam pomaly az luxus – pokial sa nebavime o Bejingu a pod.

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